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Excavator FAQs

Yes. New York 811 offers a membership option for non-facility owners who have an interest in damage prevention and public safety. For more information on becoming a sustaining member of New York 811, click here.

Click here for a list of upcoming events.
Yes! New York 811 features staff liaisons charged with promoting safe digging throughout our region.  Click here to learn more. Excavators and contractors are also invited to join our Damage Prevention Committee and/or Damage Prevention Subcommittee.
When necessary to clearly identify the excavation site, or when mutually agreed upon by the excavator and operator, the excavator should outline the site with white paint, stakes or similar-type markings.
Yes. Simply contact New York 811, by dialing 811, and request that your lines be remarked. Once you call, you must cease all excavation work until the utility companies remark their lines.

Contact the utility company (if known) and New York 811 immediately, even if there appears to be no damage. If a substance starts releasing into the air, such as natural gas, walk away right away and take steps to protect your work crew. Don’t try to stop or repair the leak yourself or use anything that might create a spark, such as a cell phone. When clear of the area, call 9-1-1.

All facility owners are responsible for providing a positive response to excavators indicating that their lines have been marked OR that there are no underground lines within 15 feet of the proposed work site. If lines have not been marked and operators have not contacted you to request additional time, Call New York 811 at by dialing 811.

By law, the contractor must call.

Excavation must begin within 10 working days of the date we receive your request. To avoid unnecessary delays, contact New York 811 before the 10-day period is scheduled to expire to request a remarking. Have your ticket number handy when you call.

While you are not required to have proof of notification compliance at your job site, we recommend you do so in case you hit a line or discover unmarked lines. If you need to call New York 811 from the excavation site, your ticket number allows us to reference your location quickly. Also, in the event that a utility owner or law officer visits your job site, this information provides proof your compliance with state law.

If an operator informs you that lines will not be marked by the project start date, you may not begin digging. In such case, the operator must mark the lines no later than two working days after the excavator’s stated commencement date, unless both parties agree to a longer period.

A buffer that extends one half of the utility line’s known diameter plus two feet on either side of the center line. If the diameter of the underground facility is not known, the tolerance zone is two feet on either side of the designated center line. Hand tools are required when working in the tolerance zone until the exact facility location is verified. Click here for a helpful diagram.

Whether digging on residential or commercial property, you are required by law to contact New York 811. The excavator and contractor—not the homeowner—must submit the request.

All facility owners are responsible for providing a positive response to excavators indicating that their lines have been marked OR that there are no underground lines within 15 feet of the proposed work site.

Yes! Excavators and contractors can access our easy-to-use, Web-based ITIC system. You will be required to provide the same type and amount of information online as you would over the phone. Prior training is required to use the system. Contact New York 811, by dialing 811, for details.
Once we receive your excavation request, our member utilities have two working days to mark their lines. By law, you may not perform any excavation work during this time.
By law, excavators and contractors working in the five boroughs of New York City and Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island must contact New York 811 by phone, by dialing 811, or via ITIC at least two working days before beginning any mechanized digging or excavation work.
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Non-Compliance Reporting Form

If you witness an alleged Code 753 violation, please fill in as much information as possible and submit to New York 811. Upon submission, New York 811 will forward your allegation to the NYS PSC. Additionally, New York 811 will forward this Non-Compliance Form to the Company committing the alleged infraction (less your contact information).

Tolerance Diagram